RNP Foundation Donates 1.5 Million to Establish the “MK Gandhi Center: Inner Peace and Sarvodaya” at CSU Fresno

In a time of increasing political unrest and polarization the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi is more important than ever to teach young, socially active students. Although it consists of three pillars that Gandhi saw as equally important, Inner Peace/Transformation, Upliftment of All (Sarvodaya), and Insistence on Truth (Satyagrah), the latter is the one that is most well-known. To even out this imbalance the RNP Foundation collaborated with the incredible staff at CSU Fresno to create a learning center emphasizing the other two pillars of Inner Peace and Sarvodaya.

Despite being based out of Bakersfield, the RNP Foundation members try living by the quote Gandhi so loved “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The Whole World is my Family” and thus had no problem reaching outside our home city to work with our brothers and sisters in Fresno. With a donation of 1.5 million dollars for its establishment, the MK Gandhi Center: Inner Peace and Sarvodaya will be part of CSU Fresno’s philosophy department and will have a class on Gandhian philosophy every semester along with 5 events a year which will include guest lecturers, workshops, essay competitions and much more. Additionally, there will be a portion of the library dedicated do the Center with literature on Mahatma Gandhi and his philosophy.