Opening of Regenerative Agricultural Education Center at BC Delano

The RNP Foundation, in collaboration with The White Buffalo Foundation and TomKat Ranch, has helped Bakersfield College to open its Regenerative Agricultural Education Center after approval in 2021. It will serve as an educational hub for BC students and the community at large to learn about Regenerative Farming practices. Additionally, in collaboration with the California […]

M.K. Gandhi Center Opening

The RNP Foundation is proud to announce the opening of the M.K. Gandhi Center-Inner Peace and Sarvodaya at the CSU Fresno campus. The RNP Foundation made a 1.5-million-dollar grant that in collaboration with the incredible leadership at CSU Fresno and the brilliant Dr. Veena Howard formed the M.K. Gandhi Center. This center will serve as […]

Second Peace Garden at Bakersfield College

The RNP Foundation is proud to announce the opening of the second of five peace gardens at Bakersfield College.  We thank BC for all the assistance in creating this center for learning, peace, love and tranquility.  In order to find out more about this garden read the linked article below.

Business Focused Fellowship

We at the RNP Foundation are avid supporters of the values, philosophy, and strategic approaches Mahatma Gandhi espoused for creating a more peaceful, loving, happy world. His wisdom spanned not only the realms of social justice, moral philosophy, and peaceful protest, but to practical ways businesses could be ran in a compassionate ethical manner while […]

Bakersfield College Peace Garden

Bakersfield College has impressively embraced the mission of outer and inner peace. In order to begin spreading peace throughout the campus BC has had a ceremony unveiling the first of a series of Peace Gardens. This was initially inspired by the meeting of Dr. Naina Patel of the RNP Foundation with Arun Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi’s […]

Haiti Earthquake

The recent Earthquake in Haiti was catastrophic. It killed over 2,000 people, injured over 12,000, and destroyed over 50,000 homes.  Our hearts go out to the people of Haiti and we hope they can recover as quickly as possible.  We have given 200,000 dollars to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP): one of the best […]

GiveWell Maximum Impact Fund

Although most philanthropy is done with good intentions, not all of it is very effective.  Making the correct decisions about which organizations and which causes to donate to can lead to literally thousand fold differences in terms of impact per dollar spent.  Effective Altruism is a movement that matches the compassionate heart of philanthropy with […]

Patel Foundation switches to a pointed emphasis on COVID response

When COVID-19 became a global emergency, the team at The RNP Foundation decided to redirect their charitable efforts toward alleviating the suffering of those affected by coronavirus. We began by identifying and working with relevant organizations and the communities that were most vulnerable to the disease. Learn more about how The RNP Foundation adapted its […]

CityServe honors the Ravi and Naina Patel Foundation with Community Investment Award

In May 2021, CityServe honored The RNP Foundation with a Community Investment Award for donating over 52,000 meals to families in need. Through the Wellness Cafe at The Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center, The RNP team is able to distribute approximately 200 nutritious meals per day. See how The RNP Foundation is working towards its […]